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Music to complement any narrative

From aesthetics to engagement, music matters.

Finding the right music for your mobile game or app is mission critical. But, licensing major label music can be time-consuming and budget-stretching.  Now, developer's can tap into quality music catalogs with Adaptr.

Unlike other B2B Music Platforms, Adaptr is a true end-to-end solution.  You get unlimited access to the largest pre-cleared B2B music catalog (including popular music from major labels), full-service music licensing and compliance complete with indemnification, real-time analytics, and fast SDK integration.

Level up your game’s music. 

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Music made easy.

With Adaptr, you can build a playlist in minutes, integrate our SDK in a day, and start streaming major label music in your app or digital experience immediately.


Here for you.

Hop on a quick call for a free music consultation, to talk pricing, or get expert curation assistance.

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