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Does your startup need hit music, all rights cleared, with built-in streaming and powerful curation tools?

Launch your app faster with Adaptr.

You focus on building amazing apps.
We focus on legal, simple music integrations.

For the first time ever, you have direct access to stream popular music by your favorite artists for your customers– in a simple, legal, cost-friendly way.


The Old way Spend months figuring out a contract, pay up-front advances, then figure out how to get the music, track it, and pay the rightsholders.

The New way Find the music you want on Adaptr, integrate the SDK into your app, and stream music.

The Problem
"When you’re not from the industry, it’s very expensive and hard [to license music]."
Ashish Rawat
Founder, Oga

Browse our extensive library, build a playlist in minutes.

Create unique music experiences for your users

Get started now with our APIs and SDKs for JavaScript, iOS, and Android. Adaptr’s SDK enables you to easily integrate major label music in your mobile apps or web applications.

With Adaptr, you control your user's experience while getting fully licensed music and complete transparency in reporting.
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