About Us

Feed Media Group is on a mission to make it easy, fast and legal for businesses to use music to power the most engaging customer experiences. We developed Adaptr so early-stage startups can get to market quickly with rights-cleared popular music, ensuring they can quickly validate their products with a rich and engaging customer experience.

Until now—assuming startups are even able to gain access to rightsholders and publishers—their use of popular music has been gated by expensive upfront advances, minimum guarantees, and costly legal fees. Founders and developers can save time and money using the Adaptr B2B music platform, by avoiding protracted negotiations to individual rightsholders, expensive licensing, and the risk of litigation for using music without permission.

Adaptr is committed to helping all early stage businesses quickly integrate music into their experiences, while making it easy for rightsholders to get paid.

We’re driven by our vision to give everyone the opportunity to experience the power of music. It’s a powerful language that connects us and has the ability to entertain, motivate, heal, move, and inspire us to live our best lives—and the research backs us up.

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