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What is Adaptr?
Our first-of-its-kind solution enables you to quickly and easily incorporate popular music into your app or digital experience.
How does it work?
Startups choose music, integrate the SDK and configure their design, and then stream music for their users. We take care of the rest, from paying the labels and publishers, to tracking use. Go live within a few hours!
Who qualifies for Adaptr?
Any startup can use Adaptr. Your business can even get instant access if you have raised less than $7.5m in funding and your app is earning less than $4.5m in revenue. Reach out to our sales team at sales@adaptr.com. 
How do I integrate the music into my app?
There are multiple ways to integrate music depending on your specific needs. We offer mobile native SDKs and a JavaScript SDK. Check out our technical documentation here.
How much does it cost? Is there a free trial?
Accessing Adaptr and the catalog is free, so no trial necessary. You don’t pay until you are ready to stream music to your users.
How do I find the best music for my project?
You can browse or search in our library by artist, song name, album, genre, intensity, BPM, or check out one of our pre-curated playlists to help you. Toggle on or off explicit tracks to align with your branding.
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