How Adaptr's Simple Music Licensing Works

Planning to make money from your app? Then you can’t use Spotify’s API. If you want to stream hit music legally in a commercial app, we got you covered with the first all-in-one solution.

Build your Playlist
Integrate the Adaptr SDK
Stream In App
Full Licensing & Analytics Included

All-Inclusive Pricing

Unlike other B2B Music Platforms, Adaptr is a true end-to-end solution.  One monthly price gets you unlimited access to the largest pre-cleared B2B music catalog, fast SDK integration, real-time analytics, and full-service music licensing and compliance complete with indemnification

Let's create a custom music plan for your mobile game or app. 


Here for you.

Adaptr gives you a head start on every aspect of using music in your business: getting the right music, legally licensing all of it for your use, streaming it to players, and managing all of the analytics and royalty payments. Adaptr takes the burden off your shoulders and allows you to focus on the details of doing what you do best.

Skip the complicated parts and start using Adaptr to get your new game or app out of beta and into the app stores.

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