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How Adaptr's Simple Music Licensing Works

Planning to make money from your games and other apps? Then you can’t use Spotify’s API. If you want to legally stream hit music in your games and apps, our all-in-one solution has you covered.

Build your Playlist
Integrate the Adaptr SDK
Stream In App
Monthly plans to match your business needs

Are you eligible for Adaptr? Tell us about your business to find out.

Who is Adaptr For?

Initially, music will only be available for apps in the US, but global expansion is coming soon.

If you have raised less than $7.5M in funding and your app is earning less than $4.5M in revenue, this is your place. Adaptr is built to open up access to popular music and make it simple for growing businesses to leverage the power of major-label music.

If your business is above those thresholds, we can still point you in the right direction. Contact Us

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