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The Fastest Way to Get Hit Music Into Your Mobile Games and Other Apps? Adaptr Playlists.

Pre-Curated music collections for use in apps include dance pop, hip hop, edm, 90s throwback, classic rock, yoga music and more.

Get started with themed playlists

Browse pre-curated collections featuring top artists from our catalog.


Create your own playlists

It’s simple—Click the plus sign on any track, album, artist, pre-curated playlist or genre.

Adaptr offers the largest catalog of pre-cleared hit music for your mobile games and other apps!

From Dua Lipa to Ed Sheeran Adaptr allows you can build the playlist that's right for your app.
It's easy to create a playlist while you browse Adaptrs catalog, the largest online resource for music catalog pre-cleared for businesses to use in apps.

Build playlists while you browse

Browse collections, search for songs or artists, and add as many tracks as you like.

Done building your playlist?

Once you’re done building your playlist, connect it to your chosen Apps and hit Launch!

Integrate our SDK in a day, and immediately start streaming in your games and other apps.

Example of using Adaptr to add music to apps using our self-serve website and SDKs.
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