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All-Inclusive Pricing

Unlike other B2B Music Platforms, Adaptr is a true end-to-end solution.  One monthly price gets you unlimited access to the largest pre-cleared B2B music catalog, fast SDK integration, real-time analytics, and full-service music licensing and compliance complete with indemnification

Let's create a custom music plan for your mobile game or app. 

We tried sorting out licensing via brokers or via direct deals. It was very time consuming . . . We got signed up [with Adaptr] in days, lightning fast!”
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Ashish Rawat
Founder, Oga



It's Easy to Get Started

With Adaptr, you can build a playlist in minutes, integrate our SDK in a day, and start streaming in your app or digital experience immediately. Hop on a quick discovery call to talk music strategy and get a custom music plan tailored to your music and product requirements.


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